Press release – New TOS VARNSDORF Secondary Technical School building opens

TOS VARNSDORF, a.s. press release issued for the opening of the new TOS VARNSDORF s.r.o. Secondary Technical School building.

TOS VARNSDORF a.s., based in Varnsdorf in the Czech Republic, has boosted the area’s long tradition in producing machine tools. The company, under the name Strojírny Arno Plauert, was founded in 1903. Since then, it has grown into a large mechanical engineering company known worldwide. The company is a leading machine tool manufacturer in Europe and employs around 470 employees.

The company develops, produces and sells machine tools and offers a wide range of related services (the company’s overall revenue in 2018 was over CZK 1.6 billion). With its own research team for developing equipment and a strong production base, total investments in the company exceeded CZK 63 million in 2018, and CZK 130 million is planned for 2019.

The company’s production programme has four product groups. These include table machine tools for universal use and powerful machining of workpieces weighing 5 to 30 tonnes, large plate WRD machines for the most demanding technological operations on workpieces up to 130 tonnes, and modern WHT machining centres allowing the use of most modern technologies in combination with progressive modern tools. These centres permit automated replacement of tools and workpieces and integration with automated production systems. When the TOS Control system is applied, the machines fully comply with the requirements of Industry 4.0. The newest product group is represented by the recently developed WVM portal table machines. A WVM 2600 T prototype was introduced to the professional public for the first time in March 2019.

The main applications of these machines are in the power energy segment (windmill parts, turbine parts and bodies, pumps and valves), mining and construction industries (frames and components for mining and construction machines and drive parts) and transportation (railway and road vehicles chassis, parts for ships and transport aircraft).

Some of the currently best-selling machines include the WHN 13/15 machines, WRD 130/150/170 machines (they account for about 75% of overall machine revenues), and WHR 13 and WRD 13 machines, both with a slide-out ram. The sale of the new WHT machining centres has seen continuous growth.

Services for products cover training for machine control and programming as well as technological studies, and proposals and consultation for locating machine installations in workshops or building the base for the machine. The company has a strong service team to provide all warranty and post-warranty services.

The company also offers services for partnership deals (customized metal processing, measuring and chemical and thermal processing of machine products).

The overall structure of the TOS VARNSDORF, a.s. Group includes the following subsidiaries: sales and service representation TOS TRADE North America (USA), TOS Machine Tool Shanghai (China) and TOS Varnsdorf-RUS (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation), and three production and sales companies (joint venture), TOS Kunming Machine Tool in China, AO GRS Ural (Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation) and TOS LITZ Machinery Corporation based in Taichung City, Taiwan. Apart from the above-mentioned companies, the company also has a strong, global network of over 50 sales representatives and business partners.

TOS VARNSDORF also owns TOS Olomouc, s.r.o. (small machine tool production) and Metalurgie Rumburk, s.r.o. (cast production for main products), and of course, the TOS VARNSDORF, s.r.o. Secondary Technical School.

In 2018, the company sold 112 machines (almost CZK 1.6 billion), exporting 80% of these products. The largest export volume (20%) went to the Russian Federation. The company also recorded sales growth in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

The TOS VARNSDORF, s.r.o. Secondary Technical School is the first private secondary technical school in the Ústí and Labem Region. The school commenced on 1 September 2016, and its classrooms and practical workshops are located on the company’s premises. A total of 41 students and apprentices split into two classes attended in the first year. The school educates the company’s and other company’s future employees, offering four high school and vocational classes: Machinery – Machine Construction, Machining Technologies, Machinist Setter – CNC Machine Programmer, Mechanical Technician – Fitter and Metal Machinist – CNC Machine Operator.

In June 2019, the first group of 13 students graduated from the school’s three-year study programme: nine graduated in Metal Machinist – CNC Machine Operator (five have become TOS VARNSDORF employees) and four graduated in Mechanical Technician – Fitter (two have become employees of the parent company). As of 1 September 2019, the school expanded its curriculum with a four-year Mechanical and Electronic Technician – Mechatronic Technician course and a three-year Electrical Mechanic course.

Since 1 September 2019, the school has operated in a new building created by renovating the company’s production facilities. Renovations will be completed in two stages. In the first stage, which was financed by the company for CZK 116 million, the main part of the building was prepared for eight standard classrooms, two language and two computer classrooms and four specialized classrooms for metrology, mechatronics, high-voltage and low-voltage electronics, together with the school administrative support facilities, locker rooms and a school canteen. In the second stage, a gymnasium and area for practical and theoretical training workshops under one roof will be built in the same building.

A new, modern school with a capacity for over 200 students will thus be created.

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