New method - remote machine inspections

The novel coronavirus pandemic halted economic life not only in Europe, but practically the world over. TOS VARNSDORF too had to cope with many restrictions. It was not possible to travel, not even on business. But we have found a solution.

Our assembly staff were unable to visit our customers to complete machine installation or perform service.  This was a great restriction.  But the company continued to operate during the economic restrictions and to produce. 

Finished machines undergo various tests and examinations at the time of their assembly.  Customers’ representatives usually come to accept the machines themselves and are present in person during the tests.  After the tests, they confirm that the machines can be dismantled and sent to the customer to the final installation point. But that was not possible due to the ban on travel.

TOS VARNSDORF got around that problem with remote machine inspections, when a customer was either present during the test directly online or, upon customer agreement, video recordings were made of the tests.  Those video recordings were then sent to the customer, who viewed them and was thus able to see whether the tests were in order.

In this manner, we handed over WHN 13 CNC, WHQ 13 CNC, and WHR 13 Q machines to customers in April. 

There is a solution to every problem, one only needs to find it.


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