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TOS VARNSDORF is a leading world-renowned engineering enterprise concerned with the development, manufacture, sales and service of machine tools.

The company has its own construction team for the continuous development of machines and a strong manufacturing base ensuring its own production. TOS VARNSDORF also provides services in the form of collaboration (custom metalworking, measuring and chemico-thermal treatment of engineering products). Its specialisation is the manufacture of horizontal boring and milling machines and machining centres.

The company was founded as far back as 1903 and today its products, distributed throughout all industrial countries worldwide, reflect the experience of several generations of technicians and workers and the present high technical standards of the firm.

These products score success even in the most demanding world markets. Currently, its largest customers are the Russian Federation, Poland, Germany and other EU states, Canada, the USA and other countries. The firm sells its products to China, India, Brazil and many other countries. One of its clients is the firm of FTV PROCLAD (U.A.E.) L.L.C., Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, for which TOS Varnsdorf has manufactured mining platform components.

In 2019, TOS VARNSDORF presented its brand new items on several occasions. At EMO Hannover, Germany, its leading exhibit was the WHT 130 horizontal boring machining centre, fitted with a robotic tool change. The centre reflects the latest trends in the area of machine tool production and is designed for productive machining, ensuring very fast profitability of the financial means invested.

The machine’s configuration makes it possible to be offered in different modifications, from the basic design to a fully equipped multifunctional machining centre, combining turning, milling and boring operations. Its technological variability is complemented by a wide range of technological accessories, which can be clamped on to the machine by hand or automatically. The machine can also be fitted with a robotic tool change and automatic pallet change with a workpiece. Thanks to these possibilities, the machine can be used in even the most sophicated applications in the aviation and automobile industries, power engineering, the oil industry, and, because of its universality, in general Engineering.

Further possibilities of using the machine are provided by the TOS Control machine management system. This system makes it possible to attach to the machine, for example, an in-process measurement device allowing fully automatic measuring of segments and, after that, to create correctional NC programs. The result is markedly greater precision (size and geometric) of the machined segment. It also makes it possible to work with PDF documents directly on the machine display, to visualise IP camera outputs, and to monitor and diagnose the condition of the machine and its other functions, thus increasing its value. More applications are continuously being developer.

Another novel item is the WVM 2600 T portal machine, whose parameters, robustness and performance already impressed specialists at its first presentation.

The firm´s WVM 2600/3600 T machines are designed for precise and highly productive coordinate milling, drilling, boring and threading, especially of large-size and heavy workpieces, or spatially articulated workpieces of cast iron, cast steel and steel, and other materials used in the automotive and aerospace industries. The machine can be supplemented with a variety of additional technological equipment, which greatly enlarges its technological possibilities.

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