New WHT 110 C machining center

On Wednesday, 15 March 2017, TOS VARNSDORF, a.s. introduced its new WHT 110 C machining center for the very first time.


The company did so at the 2017 TOSmeet conference with sales representatives of the company. The conference was attended by 62 participants from around the world.

The introduced WHT 110 (C) machining center represents the first entry in the newly designed line of WHT 110 / 130 (C) machining tools. It is a horizontal machining device suitable for the most demanding operations that require accurate drilling, thread cutting, boring and turning or milling. The machines of the WHT line can be designed as machining centers with a wide range of additional devices, such as the automatic exchange of technological pallets, tools, special accessories, additional boring and turning machines and several other accessories that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding applications in areas such as the aviation industry, power engineering, excavation operations, crude oil industry and mechanical engineering in general. These “multi-tasking” machines are suitable for single-part as well as series production.

The WHT 110 (C) machining center is a covered milling and drilling machine with its bases in a T shape with a transversely adjustable turning table, resp. pallet, or with a boring and turning table and a longitudinally adjustable rack. The machine has been designed as a compact unit, which also includes splinter management and a cooling liquid circulation system. In its basic configuration, the machine has 5 fully-controlled axes and CNC controlled spindle speed with the option to adjust the angle of the spindle. Normally, the machine is controlled by the HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 HSCI (or TNC 640) control system and equipped with AC-digital actuating mechanisms for driving shifts and an AC-digital spindle drive from Siemens. Alternatively, customers can request a different control system (for example, Sinumerik 840 D SL, etc.). The offered machine features a “left” design, i.e. with the spindle head on the left-hand side of the operator (when facing the machine).

The guests were shown the machine abilities related to milling, drilling, boring (from the spindle and from the milling head) and turning technologies. The WHT 110 C machining center captured everybody’s attention, particularly due to its very fast tool and pallet exchange times as well as operation shifts and fast shifts. The company has put a very productive and customer-attractive machine on the market. This fact has been demonstrated not only by the interest of many sales representatives, but also by several orders collected within a few days after introducing this new machining center.



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