2019 Open House

On Friday, April 19th, the twenty second Open House took place at the company premises.

Many doors on the premises of TOS VARNSDORF opened again for four hours on this Good Friday. This year, we opted for a more economical alternative. Despite that, we were able to offer more than just machines and worksites, especially to our youngest visitors.

Apart from the Training Center (on the ground floor with the technical museum), a total of six production halls were made accessible. In the light mechanics sections, visitors could admire several machining centers (Yasda, MORI SEIKI, TIBO). They were also able to see a heavy test bench for milling heads, an air-conditioned workshop with several different grinders, and even our measuring center with a ZEISS machine and the practical training workshops of the TOS VARNSDORF Secondary Technical School. It was also possible to walk through the adjoining hardening shop and to see some technologies, several of which were in operation.

It was also possible to pass through the heavy mechanics assembly hall. There were several machines of the WRD line, and the MAXIMA and OPTIMA machines in various assembly stages in the hall. This is where we installed an archery ground for the children. As usually, the most crowded was the heavy mechanics and assembly hall, where refreshments were served. We did not break the tradition and the band MALVAS played here for visitors to listen and sometimes even to dance to. Contrary to last year, this year the band made its post in front of the WHT 110 C machining center since it would not fit on the podium. Several machines were running, including the Waldrich machining center, WHtec 130, WHQ 15 CNC, ZEISS measuring machines and the assembled WHQ 13 CNC machines, one of them running in trial mode. After a relatively long time, the adjoining assembly hall was also accessible. The main attraction in this hall was the WVM 2600 T portal machine.

A static demonstration of some birds of prey was organized on a grass strip in front of the spindle head assembly hall. Apart from two kinds of buzzards, the guests were able to see a falcon, eagle-owl and other birds. All of that thanks to the offer of Mrs. Hendrychov√°, a falconer. Apart from the birds of prey, visitors were able to walk in the existing school building, where a lecture was prepared and presented. As you can see on the photograph, the new school building was introduced there as well.

During the four hours that the company was opened to the public, about 2000 people visited the premises. That number is approximately identical to last year. We can thank all the company employees who participated in the preparation and especially organization of the event for the fact that the Open House passed smoothly and without any problems. Of course, we must also thank the suppliers and business partners who helped us with the organization of the event. And once again, a special thanks to Mrs Hendrychov√° for the birds of prey demonstration.


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