Technical description

The HUFT 50 universal milling head continuously positioned designed as a special technological accessory for horizontal boring mills, floor type milling machines and machine centres as well.

Universal milling head continuously positioned HUFT 50 consists of three compact sections that may be swivelled against each other so as the required angular position of the head’s spindle may be set.

The joint planes of both the swivelling sections of the head are provided with highly precise Hirth-toothed rims. The pitch of the teeth corresponds with the basic positioning increment into which the sections are being clamped.

The angular positioning of the head is controlled through the machine spindle CNC controlled rotation. Continuous positioning is provided by servo motors which allow the rotation of Hirth-toothed rims and the subsequent step of 0,001° in both axes A and C.


  • number of axes: 2
  • speed (min-1): 5 000
  • output (kW): 35
  • moment (Nm): 1 200
  • positioning: automatic
  • weight (kg): 900

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