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Table Type

machine design is based on design groups of WRD machines, which are arranged in a cross - bed design

WHR 13 (Q)

WHR-13 (Q) is a newly designed table type horizontal boring mill featuring travelling ram. It allows better reach to the table centerline as well as efficient usage of exchangeable heads.

WHN(Q) 13/15 CNC

WHN(Q) 13 CNC is the most successful machine produced by TOS VARNSDORF a. s. The machine won its respect thanks to its great power, large travel spans and a progressive and wisely simple design that lends it an amazing reliability.

WHN 130 (Q, MC)

WHN 130 is another leading edge technology machine. A high engineering level, outstanding parameters and a broad range of optional travel lengths to choose from to obtain near the most favorable execution of the machine are the most significant features of this model.

WHN 110 (Q, MC)

This T-Type design machine features high performance an availability of a pallet changer (APC).

WH 105 CNC

The high performance and outstanding reliability makes it ideal for both single or high volume applications. It could be equipped by ATC.


The WH 10 CNC table type, live spindle, fixed column horizontal boring mill is the smallest type representative of the original line of the NC and CNC horizontal borers of TOS VARNSDORF.


This is manually operated HBM. Its design is proven by years and huge number of users across North America. The manufacturing continues due to uninterrupted demand from users.