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New Face of most popular Boring Mill

The machine tool manufacturer TOS VARNSDORF replies these trends by modifications and development of brand new machines and services which can be applied in these new conditions. The production plan innovation is being conducted on two basic fronts. First is the increased ability of the technological utilization of available product (increase of the power parameters, travels and bearing capacity, machine design utilising) and second is the development of new types of machines with higher precision or versatility (new concepts of headstock, accessories exchange systems, new skeleton design, etc.).

Machine’s brand new “handsome” cover boasts high functionality, meets the newest requirements for ergonomics and due to the regularization of machines’ design similar casings are used for other table machines from TOS VARNSDORF company. The showcased machine also represents other possible new applications. Those are: increased working area (meaning maximal size of the work-piece), table travel can be up to 6 m long, vertical travel of the headstock is up to 3.5 m, horizontal travel of column is up to 3.2 m. Together these modifications form a unique combination of travels in this machine category. Another modification is an increase of the maximum weight of the work-piece to 25 tons or an application of the automatic pallet exchange system. The pallet (sized 1.8m x 2.5 m) enable clamping of work-piece of weight up to 16 tons.

Another modification of this machine is an application of the automatic exchange system of the technological accessories (milling heads, faceplates, special tools). The exchange is achieved with the help of moving pick-up station containing technological accessories together with the headstock modified for an automatic clamping of the accessories (it is also possible to exchange several types of heads: from hand held HF 50 and HUR 50 to automatically positioned HUI 50 and faceplates LD 650 or D’Andrea). The machine can be also fitted with accessories for clamping the work-piece, etc.

After presentation of the new WHN-13 Horizontal Boring Mill to selected North American job shops we strongly believe the machine has a great potential to extend the recent popularity of TOS Boring Mills. There is a couple of them being delivered to Canadian businesses at the end of 2011 and early 2012.